Our Instructors

We have been providing personal safety courses throughout the U.K. since 1997 stretching as far north as Thurso and as far south as London. We have an array of instructors, male and female, to suit your needs, all of whom work for the charity on a volunteer basis.

Alan Bell – Volunteer Manager & Principal Instructor

Alan BellAlan has been teaching personal safety and self-defence since 1997. He takes his “Keeping it Real” training style from the unarmed combat training he received both in the military and in the Close Protection (bodyguard) industry. Alan is passionate about the right of everyone in society to be able to enjoy the path their life has taken without the fear or threat of violence blighting their existence.
Alan is an instructor with ‘The National Federation for Personal Safety’ and a Master instructor trainer with ‘The Self Defence Federation UK’ and ‘All Styles Martial Arts’. He has trained in various martial arts including karate, judo, western boxing and competed in Muay Thai boxing in Thailand.
He is also a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Combat Ju-Jitsu and qualified as a Level 3 Instructor in Commando Krav Maga in Israel.
Alan also holds various Teacher / Trainer qualifications including a Professional Trainer Certificate, SCQF Level 7 (formerly A1 Assessor Award), Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) Level 3, First Aid Trainer Assessor, Personal Safety Trainer Assessor and Delivering Conflict Management Trainer Level 3 – all of which help him devise and develop training plans for the various courses which the charity provides.
As well as all of this, Alan uses his Diploma In Counselling & Psychotherapy to help survivors cope with their situations and his Certificate in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for holistic healing.  


David Bell – Volunteer Senior Instructor

David BellDavid began training in martial arts in 1986. In 1991 he became the Scottish Junior Kick Boxing Champion before diversifying into other forms of combat training including Aikido, Karate, Western Boxing, Tae Kwon Do and Spirit Combat.
In 1997, David qualified as a personal safety instructor with ‘The National Federation of Personal Safety’, working alongside officers from London’s Metropolitan Police with his brother, Alan Bell, teaching “Bash and Dash” methods and techniques to the public and various organisations such as ‘Women’s Aid’.
In 1998, David began working in the security industry as a door steward, progressing to Head Steward for a number of night clubs and public houses in and around the Glasgow area. Gaining invaluable experience of ‘real’ fights and ‘real’ confrontations, taught David a lot about the way people react in ‘fight-mode’ and also how an individual’s own body reacts in these situations.
Combining systems and methods from martial arts with his personal safety techniques and door steward experiences, David brings them all into the forefront of his self defence training. He has been teaching personal safety and self defence courses since 2002.


Emma Robertson – Volunteer Instructor

Emma RobertsonEmma has trained in various martial arts since the age of 12, winning a few British and Scottish titles in Tae Kwon Do along the way.
She also worked as pub / club / event security for 15 years throughout Scotland, the last 3 years of which was as Head Door-person in an Inverness nightclub.
Emma has also worked as a Prisoner Custody Officer for 7 years until retiring to start a family and she joined our Instructor team in 2014.
As you can imagine, Emma’s security and prisoner escort experience has given her a unique insight into a violent world.


Colin Hamilton – Volunteer Instructor

Colin HamiltonHaving trained in karate before joining the British Army, Colin then took up boxing and Ninjitsu.
During his time in the Army, Colin also trained in military unarmed combat before finally gaining his 1st Dan Black Belt in Ninjutsu in 2010.
After assisting with a few ‘Security And Safety’ courses in 2011, Colin became an instructor with The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety in 2015 and is currently helping the charity develop our “Personal Safety for Wheelchair Users” courses.
Colin is also the Scottish Representative of ‘Pilgrim Bandits’ a charity established by a small group of Special Forces veterans with the sole aim of using their unique training and experience to help and inspire wounded soldiers live life to the full.


Deirdre Oakley – Volunteer Instructor

Deirdre OakleyDeirdre has been a personal safety / self defence instructor since 2008 when she was a trainer with North Ayrshire Council’s Personal Safety & Self Defence Team working with a group of young mums, some of whom had experienced Domestic Abuse.
Deirdre became an instructor with our charity in 2014 in order to pass on her skills to other members of the community who are most at risk.


Sharon Rennie – Volunteer Instructor

Sharon RennieSharon has worked in the community for over ten years, helping people move on in their life, whether it be work, further education or just having something to do like exercise or keeping fit.
She first became a personal safety / self defence instructor in 2006 and she took these skills with her into her job as a Support Worker with North Ayrshire Council, being more aware of her surroundings and how to protect and keep herself safe during house calls.
Since 2014, Sharon has helped pass on her skills to the various people who attend our courses and workshops.


John Divers – Volunteer Instructor

John joined the police service in 1990. He is involved in training both locally and at the Scottish Police College at Tulliallan.
John spent two years at the Scottish Police College overseeing probationer training and the National Officer Safety Training Program in preparation for the amalgamation of Police Scotland.
He is presently an Inspector within the Criminal Justice Service Division with responsibility for all Custom matters for Inverclyde, Renfrewshire, West Glasgow, West Dunbartonshire and Argyle & Bute.


Daisy Haining – Volunteer Instructor

daisycropDaisy is the youngest member of our Instructor team and joined us in 2016.
Daisy is a 1st Dan Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and has a keen interest in helping others stay safe, particularly female victims of violence and young people.



Michael McAllister – Volunteer Instructor

Michael passed our stringent Instructor course and joined our team in early 2017. Since then he has been running training courses for people with low or no vision at our Ardrossan Centre and helping with other courses in Scotland – a remarkable achievement considering Michael is registered blind.
Michael explains his enthusiasm; “As a Personal Safety Instructor with ScotCPS I train others in how to stay safe as well as show them the skills necessary to defend themselves were they to be threatened with physical violence.
But prior to my training, I was an entirely different person. Frightened to walk alone at night and jumping at any perceived threat or raised voice, I walked with a hunched posture, eyes to the ground and listening for any sign of threat.  On a social level, I felt limited and emasculated by my disability.
Now, I find myself standing tall as a qualified instructor, surrounded by colleagues who helped build me up to be the confident person I am today.  When I am in public spaces, I move with confidence, safe in the knowledge that were I to be confronted by an aggressor, my training would kick in and I would know when and how to defend myself.
If you think you would benefit from learning about personal safety, please get in touch.


David Black – Volunteer Instructor

David has been registered blind for over twenty years now and since passing our Instructor course in early 2017, he has been running training courses for people with sensory deprivation (blind / visually impaired / hearing impaired / deaf) at the Forth Valley Sensory Centre in Falkirk.
David explains how Personal Safety training changed his life; “As a blind person, like many blind people, I have actually felt unsafe.
When I lost my vision, depression and other things took over and it took me a while to come to terms with it. I was scared to leave the house – all the usual stuff.
You are taught safe routes and safe ways to get to places but still, unfortunately as a blind person, I have suffered verbal and physical abuse.
So instead of hiding at home and not doing anything, about nine years ago I took up Jujitsu and other martial arts to defend myself but I always had the question “Is this going to help me?” “Am I going to be able to defend myself?” “Is this actually going to help me as a blind person?”.
Then in 2016, I got in contact with Alan Bell through the Sensory Centre and he put me through a training course with The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety – and through that course they have taught me safe and easy ways to defend myself as a blind person – as a vulnerable person.
My confidence has rocketed. And now I have actually passed an Instructor training course and I am running personal safety courses at the Forth Valley Sensory Centre for other sensory impaired people – both blind and deaf.Why not pop in and meet me?