Get Away – FAST

Get Away FastWhat if you are confronted by an attacker who demands that you go with him? It may be in a car or into a deserted side street or behind a hedgerow. It would seem prudent to do as you are told but it should be remembered that you are far more likely to be killed or seriously hurt if you go with your attacker than if you fight back and/or run away.

At the first opportunity – escape. Run way, scream for help or better still shout “Fire”. Research has shown that more people will come to your aid or to see what is going on if you shout “Fire” than if you shout “Help”.

Do whatever you can to attract attention to yourself and your situation. Attackers do not want to be identified or disturbed, so let’s not make it easy for them.

If your attacker is after your personal belongings be it your handbag, car keys or jewellery, let them have it by throwing it in the opposite direction of where you run.


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