Personal Safety for Pupils & Students

Personal Safety for Pupils & Students

Ages 13 – 18+ Years Old

Aged 13-18yrs+ as mature students can also attend.

The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety (ScotCPS) has developed a number of training courses for pupils and students attending either secondary school or further education (colleges / universities). Our courses allow young people to discuss areas of personal safety which are causing them concern and introduces practical solutions to issues such as “date rape” drugs, bogus taxi drivers, domestic violence and sexual assaults.

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Pupils and students also pair up to practice a variety of self defence techniques to ward off front attacks, back attacks and ground attacks with our instructors wearing our distinctive black padding thereby allowing participants to practice kicks and strikes at full force.

Our courses have been independently assessed and count towards 20 criteria from the Scottish Government’s Curriculum for Excellence.

Following a five year pilot in every secondary school in Ross-shire, our courses were discussed at a meeting of all Head Teachers in the Highland area in 2010 and the following outcomes were agreed:

  • There was a positive change in the attitude and behaviour of pupils who took part in the workshops.
  • Pupils felt more positive about what they “could do” in relation to the Law to keep themselves safe.
  • Pupils’ confidence and assertiveness skills for responding to unwanted behaviour increased.
  • Pupils gained an increase in the utilisation of preventative and awareness measures to reduce the opportunity of physical attack.
  • The skills gained reduced the possibility of the pupil either passively accepting or conversely reacting in an overly aggressive manner to threatening or intimidating behaviour.
  • Pupils’ fear of attack was reduced due to a clearer understanding of the statistics regarding violent crime.
  • The development of self-confidence and feelings of empowerment for pupils led to an overall reduction in school bullying.
  • The workshops complimented other school activities including internet security and pupil counselling.

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Although the title of these courses is “Personal Safety for Pupils & Students” it should be noted that this course caters for all young people aged 13 – 18 years old for example ScotCPS have run courses for various youth organisations including Youth Highland, air cadets, army cadets, scouts and girl guides.


Why are our services needed?

Research completed by the House of Commons shows that 17% of people arrested for carrying a knife were aged 10-17. ?

A report by the Scottish Government found around one in five young people said they were part of a group of friends they would describe as a “gang” by the age of 13, although this declined to 12% at the age of 16 and 5% by the age of 17. ?

33% of teenagers experience some form of domestic abuse at home, while 6% of teenage girls have been forced to have sex by their boyfriends and they think it is acceptable. Additionally, one in five young men and one in ten young women think violence against women is acceptable.?

Students 5Further research by the Highland Child Protection Committee in Scotland revealed that 11% of boys and 21% of girls under the age of 16 have experienced sexual abuse during their childhood. 72% of these sexually abused children did not tell anyone about the abuse at the time and perhaps most shockingly, approximately 33% of all childhood sexual abuse is committed by other children. ?

And even as young people reach the age of leaving school their problems don’t end there as one in three students will become victims of crime during their first year at university or college and one in four students will have their accommodation broken into. ?