Personal Safety Courses

We offer a range of personal safety and self defence courses for all ages and abilities.

Being a charity, the majority of our courses are FREE OF CHARGE to survivors of violence, especially individual domestic violence victims, and to specific individuals who meet our charitable objectives e.g. we offer FREE Personal Safety / Self Defence classes each week to anyone who has low or no vision. These courses run in our Barony St. John Centre in Ardrossan, The Forth Valley Sensory Centre in Falkirk and Deafblind Scotland’s Rehabilitation Centre in Kirkintilloch. And our funding allows us to offer a limited number of reduced price courses to LGBTI groups and BME groups.

Paid-for Personal Safety courses start from £450 for up to 20 participants depending greatly upon your location and whether you are a business or a charity.

Due to the organisation of instructors, travel expenses, accommodation fees, equipment and venue hire, etc. we have a strict Cancellation Policy for all courses, classes, seminars, workshops and talks;

Less than 2 week’s notice – 50% of the quoted cost

Less than 1 week’s notice – 100% of the quoted cost

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Personal Safety for the Blind and Visually Impaired

The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety liaised with the Scottish War Blinded charity and The Forth Valley Sensory Centre to develop our “Personal Safety courses for the Blind and Visually Impaired”. These courses are designed to help people with low or no vision identify potential threats and effectively respond in a way that increases their personal safety. Although it “says on the tin” that these courses provide personal safety and self defence training, what they actually provide is personal awareness and self confidence training.

Personal Safety for Black & Minority Ethnic Women

We have teamed up with Crookston Community Group, a charity based in Glasgow which has developed and supports a range of projects, using arts, culture, education, festivals, sport and other such initiatives, aimed at building bridges among a diversity of cultures and communities. This collaboration will help us produce our “Personal Safety for Black & Minority Ethnic Women” course.

Personal Safety for LGBTI community

We have received funding to provide FREE Personal Safety courses to various LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex) groups throughout Scotland and have now produced a specific Personal Safety course for the LGBTI community.

Personal Safety for Women

We provide FREE one-to-one training to female victims of violence who contact us directly however our Personal Safety for Women courses are usually booked via various female groups including Women’s Aid, Domestic Violence Forums and Break the Silence although the courses are open to any groups / individuals. The course involves personal safety advice and techniques around the home, in the car, at work and when socialising as well as de-escalating techniques including body language and voice control. If all else fails, we also teach practical self defence skills which are practised on our Body Opponent Bag, in pairs and on padded instructors.

Personal Safety in the Workplace

Our Personal Safety in the Workplace provides you with techniques and advice on how to use code words, alarms, body language, personal awareness methods and even practical self defence skills specifically designed to keep you safe in a variety of workplace situations, especially lone working.

Personal Safety for Children

We have developed a number of training courses for pre-school children right up until their last year of primary school. Our pre-school courses involve elements of pantomime, play acting and dance to enforce our safety messages regarding keeping secrets and stranger danger whereas our programmes for primary school children allow them to role play and act out various safety scenarios from school bullying to inappropriate touching.

Personal Safety for Pupils & Students

We have developed a number of training courses for pupils and students attending either secondary school or further education (colleges / universities). Our courses allow young people to discuss areas of personal safety which are causing them concern and introduces practical solutions to issues such as “date rape” drugs, bogus taxi drivers, domestic violence and sexual assaults.

Personal Safety for the Elderly

The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety has devised a training course which can be tailored to your organisational / group needs. It can merely be advice on how to stay safe or it can include practical self defence scenarios.
If choosing a course including self defence scenarios we can cover a variety of situations from mugging to assaults, house break-ins to sexual attacks – it is up to you which scenarios are included and which are not. These courses are completely bespoke and can be adapt to YOUR needs.

Please call us if you have any specific requirements you wish to discuss.