Personal Safety for Ethnic Minority Women


We have provided our “Personal Safety for Ethnic Minority Women” courses to a variety of groups including;

EMpowering Women  a project which supports ethnic minority women between the ages of 25 and 55 in the West of Scotland but particularly focusses on Glasgow and the surrounding areas.

The Rainbow Muslim Women’s Group – a Falkirk-based organisation aiming to provide social and educational opportunities for women from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Nari Kallyan Shangho (NKS)  a health and welfare organisation which, since 1987, has been working for South Asian women and their families (Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi) living in Edinburgh.

Amina  an award-winning organisation, recognised by Muslim communities and key 

partners within Scotland for its pioneering and responsive approach to addressing key issues and needs of Muslim women. The organisation has been instrumental in initiating and tailoring services to meet the particular needs of Muslim women to ensure that they are able to fully participate in society without fear of discrimination or inequality.

The Muslim Women’s Association of Edinburgh – set up at the end of 2005 by a group of Muslim women who found a lack of social activities for Women and their families in Edinburgh.



Our “Personal Safety for Ethnic Minority Women” courses involve personal safety advice and techniques around the home, in the car, at work and when socialising as well as de-escalating techniques including body language and voice control. If all else fails, we also teach practical self defence skills which are practised on our Body Opponent Bag, in pairs and on padded instructors.

Female-only instructors can be used if required and we can include scenarios such as hijab and/or niqab being grabbed and possible limitations of defending oneself whilst wearing a burqa.

As with all our courses, our “Personal Safety for Ethnic Minority Women” course can be adapted to suit your needs and/or the needs of your group.

It’s YOUR course for YOUR needs.

Our courses have been recognised for their confidence building nature and we are proud to have reached the final of the BQF UK Excellence Awards 2018 in the category of Innovation in Diversity & Equality.