Personal Safety for the Elderly

Sources: BBC News 30 July 2014; London24 – 18 August 2014; Independent 13 June 2014; Daily Maily 27 August 2013.

Once unheard of headlines such are these are becoming more and more common-place.
Unfortunately, we don’t tend to segregate rapes, assaults and murders into age categories in this country so it’s hard to tell just how commonplace attacks on the elderly have become – but in the USA they do categorise violent attacks.

The American Psychological Association’s Office on Ageing reports that an estimated 2.1 million elderly Americans are victims of some form of violence. Worrying, they further claim that for every report of violence against the elderly, there are five unreported cases.

  • elder violence2In the US state of Michigan, 49.5% of violent victimisation of the elderly involved serious violence – murder, rape, sexual assault, robbery, aggravated assault, and kidnapping.
  • More than a third of violent victimisation of elderly women (37.8%) involved the victim’s child or grandchild, compared to less than a quarter of victimisation of elderly men (22.5%).
  • The rate of reported violent victimisation by a stranger was more than 2 times greater for elderly men than for elderly women. ?


These figures do not take into the domestic violence against the elderly statistics detailed in our Domestic Violence Advice pages.

Personal Safety for the ElderlyTo combat this, The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety has devised a training course which can be tailored to your organisational / group needs. It can merely be advice on how to stay safe or it can include practical self defence scenarios.

If choosing a course including self defence scenarios we can cover a variety of situations from mugging to assaults, house break-ins to sexual attacks – it is up to you which scenarios are included and which are not. These courses are completely bespoke and can be adapt to YOUR needs.

We also provide weekly training courses so please check to see if any are running in your area.

To book a “Personal Safety for the Elderly” course, contact The Scottish Centre for Personal Safety via our contact page.